couples seeking men



couples seeking men



Married Couple - She is Bi, 34, 5'3", 105 lbs., blondish brown hair and green eyes and loves sex! He is Straight 42, 5'11", 197 lbs., brown hair and gray eyes. He is a professional,  very  well hung   and loves to eat  pussy.  We  are  very   

happy with our relationship but love to spice things up. We are looking for Single Men, Single Females, Couples and /or Groups. You Must Be Clean And STD Free! Private P.O. Box 4759923

My boyfriend loves to see me 69 another guy! We have performed that once or twice and it worked out great. MY boyfriend can look at us or join in, its up to you. We can do whatever you wish and we are very open to new suggestions. Send us a letter for some fun in the Washington Metro area. Private P.O. Box 7773698

Couples Seeking Men!

Looking for older men who would be willing to come to my home in Atlanta and spend the night, you would share my wife she is 5'2 105 lbs. small tits, tight pussy, no excessive fats or sissies, must be clean & disease free, I am straight so no need to worry. Private P.O. Box 6616398



Married White Couple, Easy To Talk To - She is easy to talk to, direct, aggressive when she wants to be, sensual, beautiful and sexy! He can be shy at first but easily opens up to people once the conversation   starts.   He's  a   real

gentleman, he's in it to please the women and he makes them feel sexy and beautiful! We love to travel and we have pretty much lived all over the U.S. We love the beach, love to dance, love music. We enjoy just hanging out by the pool or cooking out and just relaxing. We are laid back and easy to get along with. Most of all, we ask for honest, upfront people. We are going to ask you to cam and talk on the phone if we are serious about meeting. We like a little of everything, especially foreplay. Once things heat up, we open up very quickly. We are not into pain or gross stuff. We aren't into quickies. We like to take our time and explore the couples or singles we play with. The sensual play like kissing and caressing are high on our list. Both love oral - giving and receiving. We are not looking for people that are rude, pushy, disrespectful, can't take no for an answer, and obnoxious. People that aren't groomed or who don't take care of themselves. Vain or macho types. If you write us and send just a cock picture or say in your letter, "Hey, let's fuck!", you won't hear from us! Also, if you write to us, please enclose a "Face Picture!" If not, don't expect an answer!!! Single Men & Women Welcome! Private P.O. Box 3799721

White Married Couple - Hi all, we're a happily married couple from Southern Maryland and we're looking for other couples interested in hanging out and having some fun. We're fairly new to this and have fantasized about other couples for a long time. We've taken it to the next level and have had a few exciting encounters so far. Initially, we were just looking to watch

other couples, however if the mood strikes us right we enjoy playing too! Since we're new, we're kinda taking it slow and we'll see how things go. Both of us are in good shape physically, we're both professional, attractive adults and we're looking for the same. Private P.O. Box 372941

Married Couple Looking For Single Men - She is 5'0", 23, Bi, 98 lbs., slim with blonde hair & hazel eyes and she's full of energy!!!  He is 6'1", 27, straight, blondish hair, gray eyes and 185 lbs. with  9"  cock.

We're looking for medium to heavier men ( No fat guys! ) who love 3-some's and don't mind getting wet and nasty! She would prefer men who are tall, well built & well hung! She's a little shy at first but loves to have sex with more than one man at a time, given the chance! Once she gets to know you just a little, she's open to almost anything you want to try! We will "consider" 3 or more men at one time providing they don't get too rough. ( All must be clean & D/D Free, because we don't use condoms! ) She love's to get fucked by multiple partners ( cock line ) and has gone up to 8 hours at one time. ( I need help! ) We will also consider the right couples. We're are D/D Free, and expect the same. We'd like a face picture and a cock picture prior to our first meeting. If we all get along we can proceed from there. No pushy people, rude people or unclean people! We like to make friend's both in and out of the bedroom and hope to continue a long and lasting relationship. If everything works out, we would like you to be available when I go away on business trips "to take care of her!!!" We are open, honest and trusting if you're the right person / people! You MUST Be Discreet!!! No Head Games Or Mind Games!  Private P.O. Box 2711930

Married White Couple - We are new to the lifestyle and we love it! We have had a few experiences in the past and loved every minute. She is pregnant as you can see by the picture and she is also Bi. He is a professional and he is Straight.  We are looking for other attractive couples, hot bi females or single men for   more    exotic   encounters.    We

would love to meet the right couple that we could be friends with and still have all the pleasures and benefits. We are very open minded to just about everything you may want to try. We go out frequently and try to stay active & fit. I travel frequently so she is available for one one one encounters if I am away. She will request to video the encounter when I'm gone so I can watch when I get home, if that's ok. Private P.O. Box 4476165

Married Couple - Seeking single men, single women, couples and groups to satisfy my wife's fetishes. She loves being completely naked except for thigh highs and having people do sexual acts to her while blindfolded & gagged. She is also into light or heavy bondage!  I   film   while   select

people do what they want to her. You can do anything you want "within reason."  No Pain, No Bathroom Play! Anything Else Goes! One on One, Men, Women, Group, Gang Bangs, Hot Wax, Sex Toys...Anything!  When we play, she never sees who you are while you're there but enjoys watching the videos prior to our own sexual encounters! You must be clean & D/D Free! No Exceptions! If you're interested, contact us. Wife never plays alone and I always watch, even if I don't film. Must Be Discreet!   Private P.O. Box 3977692  

Interracial Couple - Hello, we are in an interracial "relationship" and my partner cannot have children, so we are curious to know if there are any Gay, Bi, or Straight African American men on here, who might happen to be a willing sperm donor, or wouldn't mind being a sperm donor to us! There seems to be no sperm banks with black sperm, so this is our second resort! Please send us a letter and include your picture & personal information if you're interested. We will give you more details through email or a phone conversation after we receive your letter. Thanks. Private P.O. Box 6990182

Extremely Happy Married Couple - That has an apatite for sexual pleasures. We are real and could be called the poster children for "Laid Back." We both are real comfortable in our relationship and are looking for

others to enjoy! We are always up for a fun time and will always rise to the occasion. We both love the feel of a warm body next to our skin and the smell of sex in the air. The most important thing is for everyone to enjoy each other. We both are primarily straight but are bi-curious, maybe a little more than curious. We just love sex and have no hang-ups with each others wants and needs !If you want to spend some time with a fun loving, clean and respectful couple, drop us a line. Lets get together and go out and have a Great Time! Private P.O. Box 5756697

We're A Swinging Un-married Couple - sharing a 24/7 Male Master-Female Slave relationship. Both of us are intelligent, college educated & business owners, living out our dreams and turning   fantasies   into   reality.

Though our union isn't legal in the courts, we feel the bond we've developed goes much deeper. Over the four years we've been together, our mutual love, respect, trust, passion, and commitment has grown stronger each day. We'd like to extend the sanctuary of that bond we've shared, to other sub girls willing to commit themselves, regardless of their experience level. Eventually we'd like to have a large extended family, where the lives of each individual is strengthened by our partnership in a supportive group. Building a network of homes, businesses, and investments for the betterment of us all. Seeking: Single or married girls, straight, bi-curious, bi, or lesbian - sub girls are all welcome, as long as you're submissive to the Masters guidance and neither of us judge others based on looks or experience. Private P.O. Box 6214579

Happy Married Couple - We are seeking clean single men and women to join us. We are new to this lifestyle and we're looking for men & young women to satisfy my wife's sex drive. She is pregnant, as you can see by her picture, but don't let that fool you! She is very sexual  and very oral. She is also very Bi. He's a white professional and  he  is

very  Straight, he's also  gone alot! We are also looking for other white, attractive couples, hot bi females or single straight men for more exotic encounters, after we get to know each other better. We want people who are drug & disease free, no smokers, alcoholics / substance abusers, etc! We are both clean and expect the same. Since my wife is already pregnant, no condoms are necessary. He likes to film, take pictures and join in sometimes. We want something casual with no stress and no drama! Please send us a letter and include a face picture if you are interested. PA area. Private P.O. Box 3759731

Very Happily Married Couple - He is 38 white, 6'0" 200 lbs. black hair brown eyes and she is 35 white f - 5'2", brown hair and hazel eyes. We like to have discreet fun in groups or one on one.. We are very  interested  in

meeting with a female for fun, we're looking for straight males for fun and also couples or groups. We're looking for people who like to give oral as much as receive it. We're not into pain or humiliation. We're also not into feet fetishes. If you're interested, send us a letter and we'll get back to you. Please include a face picture and we will return ours. Private P.O. Box 1229732

The male is straight. The female is bi! We are both very clean and attractive. We want to explore the MMF threesome. She want to get on her knees in front of two men. She wants to get it from behind  with   a   dick   in   her

mouth. She wants to try DP. He wants to make her fantasies come true and loves to watch her cum. Men for Group sex ( 3 or more! ). Private P.O. Box 1477623

We're Back! - After a long break, we're back again and eager to experience the thrill of meeting new friends. She loves to tease, flirt, dance, dress sexy, seduce, if sparks are there...girl-girl is exciting. He loves to watch her in action, dance, please others, join in the fun. We're looking for men, women or couples ( man and woman ) for one on one sex, discreet relationships, erotic chat, mail or email, group sex ( 3 or more! ) or other "alternative" activities. Find us at Private P.O. Box 1677921.

My wife is Hot and looking for Cock! I do travel on business alot and I'm looking for someone I can trust, there for her when she needs   sex   and   she

needs sex often! I  don't  want    just    "any" guy there with her, especially when I'm not at home. Single, clean men are preferred, but we will consider married men as well ( as long as there are no family problems ). We are running several different Ads on here under several different P.O. Boxes so please look for them. She is also looking for a girlfriend to do stuff with, like one on one stuff. My wife is very bi! She loves Pussy, but she also loves Cock! Just save some for me! LOL Private P.O. Box 3343725

We are a fun, clean, respectful couple . . . that outside the bedroom loves to do almost everything from boating, scuba diving, swimming, workouts, the movies and more!!!  Inside

the bedroom we are completely open-minded. She has short darkish hair, she's beautiful, also bi-curious, loves to be tied up for hours and not interested in a "relationship" with other men. ( so guys - this is not an option ). He has dark blond hair, he's athletic, fun, has taught bondage classes, has been in 3somes many times before. If you met us on the street, you would never know our kinks. We are into nearly anything. We have a strong nylon fetish. We are looking to meet single males for fun and sexual pleasure.  If you are into nylons, that's a plus! Private P.O. Box 2311277

White Couple - Wanting to spice up our sex life a little. Both of us are in a committed relationship with each other, but we're looking for a lil something extra for both of us. My man is not bi or bi-curious, but willing to have 

3 sums with another men as long as they understand that. Our sexual orientation is straight. We're looking for Men for sex. Private P.O. Box 3799779

We are a discrete couple looking to go out and party with a sexy girl wanting to be spoiled and brought to orgasm many times by both of us. We are a very attractive couple and in shape, we are  looking for 

the same. We go on trips often, visit the Caribbean and Mexico and would love to meet someone that would not only 'party' with us here but also enjoy going on free trips with us to the above locations for exotic sex! Private P.O. Box 2711932

Couples Seeking Men!

Hi all, we're a happily married couple in Bel Air that is looking for other couples interested in hanging out and having some fun. We're new to this and have fantasized about other couples so we're now taking it to the next level. Initially, we're just looking to watch other couples however if the mood strikes us right we may play with the  other  couple   as   well.   Since

we're new we're kinda taking it slow and see how things go. Both are young, professional and attractive adults and we're looking for the same. Private P.O. Box 3343729

Hi we are a couple in our 20's & 30's looking for couples or singles / men or girls for some wild exciting fun! The ideal person(s) we are looking for is someone with the same ideas for get togethers and just for fun. We like to make friends with the people we meet first and hope to meet you!!!!! We  are  specifically  looking for  clean

younger men, drug & disease free. No pushy guys, we don't need any bosses. We're looking for laid back, fun! We have other Ads on other pages. Check Us Out! Private P.O. Box 6271737

WC Seeking WM - We're looking for a male, 18 to 30, slender, good build . . . to play with in front of my bf at night. Cock size is not important. You must be able to perform! My bf does not get involved. You must be d&d free and clean shaved. We're not looking to play picture swap or get endless mail to waste our time. If you're not serious, don't reply . . . period! Send cock and face picture with your letter or you will be ignored! I'm 5'-6", 106lbs., blonde and petite. I will send you a picture if I think your serious and like your pictures . We will host at our place. Private P.O. Box 9744116

Married couple looking for fun Adventurous and bisexual play partner(s). Wife is experienced bisexual, looking to play with husband. We are both attractive and are confident, we will please you visually. Mail or email for more photos. You will not be sorry! We are fun, open minded, willing  to   please,   very   sexual, 

down to play. We are  looking  for women or men for one on one, Bondage & Discipline, Discreet Relationship, Erotic Chat or Email, Exhibitionism & Voyeurism, Group sex ( 3 or more! ), Other "Alternative" Activities or Sadism & Masochism. See our other Advertisements! Private P.O. Box 9175545

White Younger Couple Looking For Men! - We're a clean white couple in our 20's looking for other white men to share  my  girlfriend's  pussy.  She  loves  sex  and  can't  get


enough. Right now she's really into 3-somes and wants to try 4-somes. We are both light social drinkers, neither of us smoke and neither of us use drugs! We are looking for mature men who know how to have a good time and play nice!

Neither of us are into pain, we just pretty much love to fuck! I'm straight and she's bi! I don't mind sharing, but I'm not into sex with men. We enjoy filming our action and sharing our movies and pictures with our partners. If you're a straight guy, love fucking, are drug & disease free, write to us soon. We're not into mind games / head games or violence.  Hard, long lasting cocks are a huge plus! If you can cum multiple times during sex, that's a huge plus! If you're hung 7-10 inches, that's a plus, but she'd also like to try a 12 inch sometime! She loves oral sex, both giving & receiving and she swallows! If your interested, drop us a line and include a picture. Please, No Pushy People! We're laid back and would like to have dinner and casual drinks before sex and we'd like to see if we all hit it off. Our Private P.O. Box is 7739721

Couples Seeking Men!


White Couple Seeking Men - I am age 20, I'm 5'2, I'm white with long brown hair. I have nice breasts, great legs, bare pussy, nice ass, I'm curvy and I'm bi. I am clean and drug/disease free. I want to get to know you, maybe have some drinks, make out a little and have some fun. I want my bf to be there too. He won't touch or be involved unless you want. He loves seeing me with other men & women. We CAN host. Please be under 30, drug and disease free and discreet, like me. I want to voice verify and meet up. Picture for picture. Send your letter now. Also, see my other ads. Private P.O. Box 12127735


Married Fun Loving White Couple - So, here we are looking for new playmates once again. We are excited every time we think about the thought of meeting new people and making new friends. We are in  our  mid  

twenties and want to meet similar couples with similar interests. We are very mature and professional people and feel that there should be time set aside for adult fun. If you think that you would like to get to know us, please drop us a line. We are interested in a couple and / or singles that would be interested in meeting and having some non pressured adult fun. We are looking for full swap MFM, FMF, MFMF and all for all. Looking for the utmost in clean and well mannered individuals. Please be honest and sincere in your communications. We Love Giving Oral Sex, Receiving Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys ( Vibrators / Dildos / etc. ), Threesomes, Mutual Masturbation, Participating in Erotic Photography / Movies, Voyeurism, Blindfolds and most anything you can think of! Contact us! We have other Ads, so check us out! Private P.O. Box 4577931

Bi Curious Woman & Straight Man - Most of our friends would say that as a couple we are easy-going. We’re a Bi-curious woman and a straight man. We’re interested in exploring sex with another   women  /  men  and  / or

couples. We’re looking for people who can be Discreet. Single Men Welcome! She enjoys giving oral sex, receiving oral sex, anal sex, sex toys ( Vibrators / Dildos / etc.), spanking, three-somes, making home movies and participating in erotic photography & voyeurism. "He love to watch!"  If this sounds interesting to you, contact us. Private P.O. Box 8817341

Successful & Very Energetic Young Couple - We're both very fit, athletic, successful, energetic, sexy white married couple and we enjoy traveling, fine dining, boating, volleyball and most other outdoor  sports  &  activities.  We

are happy going out or just staying in. We share hours of passionate teasing, caressing, massaging followed by intense and erotic lovemaking. HER: She is Bi Sexual, hot, intelligent, extremely sexy, yet down to earth. Just seeing her walk in the house wearing a little mini-skirt or bikini gets me excited. She has an incredibly tight little body which she knows how to use to bring overwhelming pleasure. Her sensual sweet spots turn her into jelly and she loves to find yours! HIM: He is Straight, sexy, confident, kind, and thoughtful. He's usually a good boy and let's me have my way. We are looking for sexy, confident playmates and very select couples, males & females who can join us for soft erotic fun, with the possibility of developing a discreet personal relationship or relationships. ( Ideal playmates would feel comfortable in a relationship with us as a couple.) We would like you to be able to keep up with our numerous sexual activities both in and out of bed. If interested, please contact us! Look for our other Ads! No Single Men!  ( Married Men OK )  Private P.O. Box 3597753

WMC Seeking Men - I need a monster cock for my wife - mw4m - 35 ( Plano, TX ) -

I'm looking for the biggest cock I can find for my wife's back to school celebration. 10 inch plus please. She is a beautiful woman that knows how to take it! Early afternoon or late morning. Pictures for pictures. Write Today!
Private P.O. Box 4452217
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Pregnant & Willing - I am a married white female who isn't getting any at home. Since I got pregnant my husband won't touch me. The good side of it is, he let's everyone else touch
me! ( Often ) If you are STD

Free and looking for some erotic sex action ( with no condom ) and don't mind it being with a pregnant woman, write to me! He won't let me meet men anywhere other than our home, so if that's ok with you, it's all good! I love anal sex, oral sex, sex toys, making movies & pictures.  No rough sex though!  Must Be Discreet!!!   Private P.O. Box 3343721

Happily Married White Couple Seeking Clean Single & Married Men For Discreet Encounters - She is 5'6", 125lbs., blonde hair, hazel eyes & pregnant. He is Straight, 6'2", 220 lbs.,  brown  hair

& green eyes. She loves mutual masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, sex toys, bondage, blindfolds & hot wax. She wants to experience different cocks of different sizes and different ages before giving birth. She also wants several men at once. We are seeking clean, single & married men from 18 to 65 with medium to large cocks for our erotic adventures. No pressure, No Head Games, Just Plain Sexy Fun For Everyone! We want Skin on Skin & No Condoms! You must be D/D Free, educated, gentle & polite. Social drinkers are ok but we are only looking for non smokers. Private P.O. Box 2221375

Married Couple - Expecting  A
Baby -
Couple from Alabama area interested in other young attractive girls, men & couples to hang out with and have sex. We are very fit, active, fun to be around  and  Very . . .  Pregnant!

We've been in the lifestyle for several years, so no games. If you would like to have sex with a pregnant woman, here's your chance. My husband is straight but I am Very Bi! We are interested in Couples, Single Men, Single Women, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Taking Pictures etc. My husband can either watch or join in, depending on the mood. Gang Bangs Welcome! One Rule! No Pain Or Rough Sex! Private P.O. Box 4739902

Couple Seeking Spice - We are a couple that wants to add more to our sex life. We like pleasing and we like to be pleased. We are both working professionals with very public jobs. We are nice 

looking and clean. We have a good sense of humor and love to laugh. She is bi-curious and very interested in the female experience. He is very straight. We are looking for couples and select singles to spend some time with us. Bi-females would be great, but definitely not a must. Discretion is a Must! Single Men Welcome! Private P.O. Box 2217349

White Couple With Exciting Ideas - Looking for "like minded" males and females to fulfill almost anyone's wildest fantasies. We are into role playing & bondage. She is 22 and enjoys anal sex, giving & receiving oral sex, sex toys, blindfolds, gags, bondage chains,  ropes,   hot 

wax   and long, hard, cum filled cocks. She also enjoys clean, bare, tight pussy! I am 37 and enjoy watching hard, cum filled cocks fuck my young friend while she sucks my cock! I also love fucking other girls while she is getting fucked by someone else. We can play together or alone, you choose! One on one, group, whatever! Send us your ideas! Tell us what you wanna try! Maybe we can make it happen! See our other Ads! Private P.O. Box 4377921

White Couple - SEDUCE MY GIRL - 23 - My girlfriend has been talking about bringing another women or man into the bedroom for a while, but we have never made that move . . . turning fantasy into reality. She would not be open to finding someone online, at least not this site, but why not see who is out there. I want to take this slow, meet her, maybe hit on her while, maybe while I am in the restroom. I'll I come back and we all get together and talk, maybe exchange numbers or head back to one of our apartments . . . if we really hit it of. I want this to be a positive experience for her and I, so I want to take it slow with someone like-minded, mature and attractive. We are both very attractive, professional and educated. Would like you to be the same. I am happy to give her to you one-on-one if you can seduce her. Good luck! Private P.O. Box 7778933

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We Are A Very Professional & Discreet Couple, So No Face Pictures -  We like to experiment with other similar couples single girls and single men, ( no married men ), on the side. We  are  new  to  this

scene. We are very attractive and drug and disease free as well. She likes attractive young girls, preferably with long hair. She is also very bi-sexual and loves to be with a woman. She also loves having sex with nice, big, thick, cocks. He is straight and loves beautiful girls. He likes watching wife having sex with other attractive people, men and women and putting on a similar show for her with women. We are looking for attractive people who are discreet and like to have fun. Must be D&D free. Must be nice and courteous. We are picky so only honest people respond, preferably people with similar profiles. We are looking for someone who likes to have hot, safe, sex ( if you are the right one ) on occasion. Girls Welcome! . . . Men Welcome! Private P.O. Box 8871254

White Couple Looking For - Men & Groups of men, Couples ( 2 straight men ) for Discreet Relationship(s), Group sex (3 or more men!), Misc. Fetishes or Other "Alternative" Activities. We love  to  have  sex   and   we

both love oral, ( but he's straight ) from me while I'm being fucked by someone else. He loves to watch and participate. We're looking to explore our options and have lots of late night fun. She can go all night and loves being in control as well as being dominated. We also love to have sex in the craziest places. We're both young and full of energy and cum! She loves like to suck cock. Any oral sex and she is game! She loves all cock, big and small, but really craves a dick that is long and hard and balls full of cum. She loves men talking dirty to her when she sucks cock. She loves heavy cum and multiple cum events too! She loves cum in her mouth and on her face. She loves cum on and in her ass! If you have a clean cock and need it sucked, she's your mouth . . . I mean girl! Anal is always in her future!!! She loves Anal!!! Her ass is very soft, ultra tight, ( I cum just inserting my cock in her ) her ass is perfect and needs to be plugged, but she also wants someone who loves to eat ass. I am looking for someone who loves to share a woman ( my woman ) and loves to try new things. I am very straight and love to watch her getting off! No crossing swords! If you're the guy for us you need to be able to be out late, without calling home! We don't need the Drama! Cum See our "other" Advertisements on here. Send your face picture and your cock picture to: Private P.O. Box 1344259

This Pussy Tastes . . GREAT! We're looking for a man, or men for Discreet Relationship(s). This couple is testing new waters!! We'll meet for drinks and to see what happens next. She will not meet anyone by herself or  alone,

so don't ask! We are a couple and we do everything together! She loves oral sex, both giving and receiving and she loves cock. She is also very bi. He is very straight and loves pleasing his playmate. If you are a man, clean, d&d free, not the pushy type, then drop us a line! Private P.O. Box 1244397

Married Men . . . Not Getting Any At Home? - Cum Have Some Of This! Successful & Energetic Couple Seeking Men! - We're a fit, athletic, successful, energetic, sexy white married couple  and  we   enjoy   traveling,

fine dining, boating and other outdoor activities. We are happy going out or just staying in. We share hours of passionate teasing, caressing, massaging followed by intense and erotic lovemaking. HER: She is Bi Sexual, hot, intelligent, extremely sexy, yet down to earth. Just seeing her walk in the house wearing a little mini-skirt gets me excited. She has an incredibly tight little body which she knows how to use to bring overwhelming pleasure. Her sensual sweet spots turn her into jelly and she loves to find yours! HIM: He is Straight, sexy, confident, kind, and thoughtful. He's usually a good boy and let's me have my way. ( He likes to watch! ) We are looking for sexy, confident playmates and very "Select Couples" who can join us for soft erotic fun with the possibility of developing a discreet personal relationship. ( Ideal playmates would feel comfortable in a relationship with us as a couple. ) We would like you to be able to keep up with our numerous sexual activities both in and out of bed. If interested, please contact us! No Single Men!  ( Single Women, Married Women & Married Men OK ) Private P.O. Box 3597752

Looking For Men or Couples or 2 men for some interesting sex! We are somewhat experienced, a mid to late 20's couple, fit with high sex drives, both looking for guys ( 30 - 45 years old ), groups to have 

fun ( sorry no mf couples ). We're Not interested in one night stands or SM, we can't accommodate. We are happy to travel within reasonable distance to meet. We're looking for guy(s) in similar age range, we're very open minded, creative, experienced in group fun . We enjoy 3somes, either select men or small groups of guys will be considered lol. Preferable fit guys. Sometimes we put on our web cam, but only when we want to, so don't ask lol. Private P.O. Box 2259407

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We are a Good Looking, Happily Married Couple who are interested in a possible threesome or a full or soft swap. We are interested in sex with another man, woman, or couple. We are new to this and have only done it a few times, but  we  both  get   really   horny   when   we   talk   about   it. 

For now, we are  mainly interested in a man to join us and pleasure my wife while I watch and possibly join in. She is also really interested in having another woman lick her pussy while their partner fucks her from behind. He  has  


never   done anything with another man, but we'll see where this takes us. Contact us if you are interested in busting our swinging cherry!! To all of you Single Guys who have mailed and/or emailed us, Thank You!! Since there are so many of you out there, we are only interested in being contacted by men who are hung ( 8 - 10 inches ) for now. This does not mean that we are not interested in sex with you, but please, WE WILL CONTACT YOU, and thanks for understanding, we just get so much mail and so many emails from single men, that we can't keep up with them. We are looking for other couples who share some of the same interests as we do. This has been one of our fantasies for a long time and we are finally ready to find someone to share it with us. We would most likely like to start with some same room sex with our own partners and then see where it takes us. We do have children, so time can be an issue. We look forward to chatting with all of you soon. And by the way, she is PREGNANT right now ( we just found out ), so if that bothers you, please do not contact us. We will update again after we have the baby. We hope to hear from you all soon! Men, Women, Couples ( man and woman ), Groups or Couples ( 2 women ) for 1-on-1 sex, Discreet Relationships, Erotic Chat, Mail or Email, Exhibitionism / Voyeurism, Group sex ( 3 or more! ), Misc. Fetishes or Other "Alternative" Activities. We will give you our phone number and direct mail / email address after we receive your letter if we are interested in meeting. Private P.O. Box 1197292

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couples seeking men